Episode #20 – Ben Berardinis

Episode 20

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Ben Berardinis is a friend and former colleague of Mike who also left his engineering job in summer 2013 to pursue extended world travel and entrepreneurship.

Recorded 15 April 2014 from Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chiang Mai, Thailand; and New York City, New York, USA

Mentioned in this episode:

“The big thing for travel with me is that I want to go to each country and learn about a culture, learn about a history, and really just walk in somebody else’s shoes for a day or two. Our time on this planet’s so limited and there’s so many people out there. It’s just worthwhile to understand where other people are coming from as much as possible. Because the one thing that I’ve noticed through travel, and I knew this before but it’s been reinforced, is that we share so much with all the people of the world. We have so much in common with everybody else. And we focus on these little things that make us different, but generally, we could have been born to any society.”
– Ben Berardinis

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