Guest Spots on North Avenue Podcast – Psychedelic Renaissance & more

20150804 - North Avenue Podcast

Check out Mike’s recent guest spots on North Avenue Podcast! We chat about the psychedelic renaissance, recent work Mike has been up to in this space, and more!

Episode 43- Mike Margolies

“Mike Margolies is a chemical engineer turned world traveler,  host of Walking the Earth (, and psychedelic discussion group organizer of Psychedelic Seminars ( We recorded this in the garden under an umbrella in the rain, and discussed Mike’s trans-formative experiences in Peru, India, and Thailand. We talk about the negative cultural stigma attached to psychedelic drugs in America, and how simply taking acid won’t cure your depression.  A very interesting man!”

*Bonus ‘Psychedelic Lunch’ Audio Clip with Mike Margolies

“I ran into psychedelic activist/explorer Mike Margolies in a coffee shop and we decided to throw up a quick conversation. We recorded this on an iPhone and talked about plant medicine, his seminar/discussion project (, his online magazine Psymposia, and a lot of deep deepness. Mike is also featured in Ep. 43. Enjoy.”

Episode 66- Psychedelics and Plants with Mike Margolies and Brian Viveiros

“Mike Margolies and Brian Viveiros are the founders of Psymposia (, a group of collaborative social activism projects on psychedelics, plants, and policy. Follow @psymposia

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Seeking Guest Hosts!

We’re looking for guest hosts! Do you want to share your own travel story? Or maybe you know the perfect person to interview?

By May 31, send your 20-30 min audio submission via FTP or cloud link to:

Hear more details at:

Guest Spot on Daily Travel Podcast – Shamans & Psychedelics, Ayahuasca in Peru

Daily Travel Podcast - Mike Margolies

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Your host Mike is the guest on this week’s episode of Daily Travel Podcast! Mike shares about his life-changing experience with ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon, quitting his corporate job as an engineer, and lessons from backpacking India and Southeast Asia.

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Guest Post on Words and Wanderlust

Mike recently had the pleasure of doing a guest blog post for Natalie Martin (our guest in episode 21). Check it out!

Natalie K. Martin

One of the cool things about travelling is meeting other people – something that’s surprisingly easy. It’s a great way to find inspiration about where to move onto next or even to take the leap and head out with a backpack yourself. So, I’ve decided to get some of the people I met on my travels for guest posts and hopefully inspire others to get out there and explore!

Back in April, towards the end of my trip in Chiang Mai, I switched guesthouses and met Michael, an American traveller who was staying in the same place. Like a lot of other people, he’s documenting his trip but what’s cool is that he does his via his podcast Walking The Earth, and I even got to be featured on an episode. I’m stoked to have gotten him on my blog for a quick Q & A. You can find details of…

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Review on Been There, Blogged That

A nice review of our show!

Been There, Blogged That

There are many things that I discover accidentally and think ‘why the heck didn’t I know about this sooner?’  I do believe that many of the readers here will also enjoy these travel related things that I come across, so today I share one – Walking the Earth Podcast.

Walking the Earth Podcast is a show presented by Mike Margolies, an American backpacker who left his job in 2013 and while traveling began recording conversations between himself and Justin Cassel, who is a friend back in the US.  His show has since moved on to focus on sharing the unique stories of other backpackers and the people he meets on the road.

A highlight for me was one particular featured guest on the podcast – Brook Silva-Braga of travel documentary A Map for Saturday.  In episode 19 of the podcast, Mike talks with Brook and discusses his films.  The pair also…

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