Review on Been There, Blogged That

A nice review of our show!

Been There, Blogged That

There are many things that I discover accidentally and think ‘why the heck didn’t I know about this sooner?’  I do believe that many of the readers here will also enjoy these travel related things that I come across, so today I share one – Walking the Earth Podcast.

Walking the Earth Podcast is a show presented by Mike Margolies, an American backpacker who left his job in 2013 and while traveling began recording conversations between himself and Justin Cassel, who is a friend back in the US.  His show has since moved on to focus on sharing the unique stories of other backpackers and the people he meets on the road.

A highlight for me was one particular featured guest on the podcast – Brook Silva-Braga of travel documentary A Map for Saturday.  In episode 19 of the podcast, Mike talks with Brook and discusses his films.  The pair also…

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