Guest Spots on North Avenue Podcast – Psychedelic Renaissance & more

20150804 - North Avenue Podcast

Check out Mike’s recent guest spots on North Avenue Podcast! We chat about the psychedelic renaissance, recent work Mike has been up to in this space, and more!

Episode 43- Mike Margolies

“Mike Margolies is a chemical engineer turned world traveler,  host of Walking the Earth (, and psychedelic discussion group organizer of Psychedelic Seminars ( We recorded this in the garden under an umbrella in the rain, and discussed Mike’s trans-formative experiences in Peru, India, and Thailand. We talk about the negative cultural stigma attached to psychedelic drugs in America, and how simply taking acid won’t cure your depression.  A very interesting man!”

*Bonus ‘Psychedelic Lunch’ Audio Clip with Mike Margolies

“I ran into psychedelic activist/explorer Mike Margolies in a coffee shop and we decided to throw up a quick conversation. We recorded this on an iPhone and talked about plant medicine, his seminar/discussion project (, his online magazine Psymposia, and a lot of deep deepness. Mike is also featured in Ep. 43. Enjoy.”

Episode 66- Psychedelics and Plants with Mike Margolies and Brian Viveiros

“Mike Margolies and Brian Viveiros are the founders of Psymposia (, a group of collaborative social activism projects on psychedelics, plants, and policy. Follow @psymposia

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Guest Spot on Daily Travel Podcast – Shamans & Psychedelics, Ayahuasca in Peru

Daily Travel Podcast - Mike Margolies

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Your host Mike is the guest on this week’s episode of Daily Travel Podcast! Mike shares about his life-changing experience with ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon, quitting his corporate job as an engineer, and lessons from backpacking India and Southeast Asia.

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Ep 60 – Justin Cooke, Pt 2 – Starting a Business and Travel Hacking

 Episode 60 empire-podcast-1600x1600

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Justin Cooke is the co-host of Empire Podcast and the co-founder of Empire Flippers, an online marketplace for buying and selling websites. In part 2, we chat about the process of starting a business and how to get free flights around the world.

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Episode #43 – Accidental Entrepreneur

Episode 43

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Sabrina Taylor accidentally stumbled into a location-independent business and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand!

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Episode #42 – Sexpats, Expats, and Elephants

Episode 42

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Diana Edelman is a freelance writer, travel blogger, and volunteer with the Save Elephant Foundation. Our chat covers the full range from animal rescues to prostitutes!

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Episode #32 – Tori Hamilton

Episode 32

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Tori Hamilton is an American who has spent the past 11 months backpacking in South America, Japan, and Southeast Asia. We discuss our current location of Vietnam and the emotions of long-term backpacking.

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